ASP.NET Timetable with Recurring Events Tutorial (C#, VB)

ASP.NET timetable tutorial. Weekly timetable with support for recurring events (C#, VB).
Feb 19, 2014 timetable recurrence

ASP.NET web application for displaying and editing a weekly timetable with support for recurring events (daily, weekly, monthly, annually). C# and VB source code. Sample SQL Server database.


  • Overview of events scheduled for the selected week
  • Changing the selected week using a date navigator
  • Time blocks with customizable start and end time (inline editing using header active areas)
  • Drag and drop event creating
  • Drag and drop event moving
  • Drag and drop event resizing
  • Custom event background color
  • Editable event description
  • Full calendar CSS support
  • Custom CSS theme
  • Storing data in an SQL Server database (sample database included)
  • C# source code of the sample project
  • VB source code of the sample project
  • Support for recurring events
  • Recurring events are marked with a special icon
  • Customizable recurrence rules (daily, weekly, monthly, annually)
  • Exceptions from the rules (different time, description, color for a specified occurrence)

The source code (C# and VB) is available for download.