Tutorial: HTML5 Scheduler PDF Export (JavaScript)

This tutorial shows how to export DayPilot HTML5 Scheduler to PDF on the client side (using pure JavaScript).
Apr 15, 2016
html5 scheduler pdf export client side


  • Client-side PDF export of HTML5 Scheduler (pure JavaScript)
  • Uses jsPDF library (open-source, MIT license)
  • Uses DayPilot Pro for JavaScript (trial version)
  • Generates multi-page PDF, one month per page

Source code of the tutorial is available for download.

Example: Exporting Scheduler to a PDF Document


The following function will export January 2016 and add it to a new PDF document:

function createPdfAsBlob() {

  var doc = new jsPDF("landscape", "mm", "a4");
  doc.text(35, 25, "Scheduler");

  var image = dp.exportAs("jpeg", {
        area: "range",
        scale: 2,
        dateFrom: "2016-01-01",
        dateTo: "2016-02-01",
        quality: 0.95
  var dimensions = image.dimensions();
  var ratio = dimensions.width / dimensions.height;
  var width = 280;
  var height = width/ratio;
  doc.addImage(image.toDataUri(), 'JPEG', 10, 40, width, height);

  return doc.output("blob");