DayPilot News (January 2016)

Monthly summary of new releases and articles - January 2016.
Jan 20, 2016


DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 8.1 SP8 Dec 16, 3015


  • Left moving indicator displayed on top of row header (Scheduler).
  • DayPilot.Scheduler.makeDraggable(options) supports options.onDragStart event (, args.preventDefault()).
  • optimized (lower memory usage).
  • Debug log disabled by default.
  • DayPilot.Date.Cache.clear() added.
  • Timeline processing time reduced to 5% (Scheduler). Shortens the loading time of .days=365 and .scale="Hour" from 40 seconds to 2 seconds.
  • Default width for row header columns set to 20 (Scheduler).
  • Unused !cssOnly code removed (Scheduler).


HTML5 Event Calendar for Touch Devices - iPad, iPhone, Android (PHP, JavaScript) Dec 14, 2015


  • Support for iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android devices (smartphones, tablets)
  • Uses DayPilot JavaScript Event Calendar
  • Custom drag and drop event move handle (desktop/touch)
  • Custom drag and drop event resize handle (desktop/touch)
  • Enabling event details on touch devices
  • Enabling context menu on touch devices
  • A set of UI action icons included (special font)
  • PHP backend with SQLite database

HTML5 Tennis Court Reservation (PHP, JavaScript) Dec 31, 2015


  • Multiple tennis courts, grouped by location (indoor, outdoor)
  • Public interface for visitors: see available time slots, book a time slot
  • Admin interface for staff: see and manage all reservations
  • Showing different prices depending on time of day
  • Prevents creating reservations in the past
  • PHP source code
  • SQLite sample database