Monthly Summary for October 2019

October 16, 2019

JavaScript/HTML5 Scheduler: Filtering Rooms by Availability tutorial was relased:

How to filter rooms displayed in the JavaScript Scheduler component using a complex filter - by size and date availability.

javascript html5 scheduler room filtering availability tutorial
October 15, 2019

Angular Scheduler: Next/Previous Buttons tutorial was released:

Angular 8 project that shows how to implement next/previous/today buttons that change the month displayed by the Angular Scheduler component.

angular scheduler next previous today buttons tutorial
October 15, 2019

DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 2019.4.4073 was released:

October 14, 2019

JavaScript Scheduler: Event Placement Strategies tutorial was released:

An overview of Scheduler settings that let you control the vertical event position within rows. Includes custom sorting, forcing a specific line within a row, dedicated lines, keeping related events together using virtual containers.

javascript scheduler event placement containers
October 10, 2019

JavaScript Scheduler: Row Sorting Tutorial was released:

How to sort the Scheduler rows using custom fields. Use built-in row sorting support that displays icons in the column headers or direct API.

javascript scheduler row sorting tutorial
October 9, 2019

React Scheduler: Rendering JSX Component in Callout (Bubble) tutorial was released:

The React Scheduler allows defining the callout (bubble) content as a React JSX component. The component will be created automatically when the callout is activated and removed and unmounted when the callout is hidden.

react scheduler bubble callout jsx component
October 3, 2019

React Gantt Chart Tutorial was released:

Simple React application that displays a project schedule using a Gantt Chart component.

react gantt chart component tutorial
October 2, 2019

React Scheduler: External Drag and Drop tutorial was released:

How to activate external items so they can be dragged to the React Scheduler component.

react scheduler external drag and drop tutorial
October 1, 2019

React Scheduler: TypeScript Project tutorial was released:

This tutorial shows how to use the React Scheduler component to create a reservation application in React, using TypeScript language.

react scheduler typescript project tutorial
October 1, 2019

DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 2019.4.4052 was released: