Monthly Summary for July 2018

July 30, 2018

JavaScript Scheduler: Undo/Redo tutorial was released:

The tutorial shows how to add undo/redo functionality to the JavaScript Scheduler component. The UndoService class maintains history of all changes and provides undo() and redo() methods.

javascript scheduler undo redo
July 23, 2018

DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 2018.3.3347 was released:

July 18, 2018

JavaScript Resource Calendar: Column Filtering tutorial was released:

This tutorial shows how to filter resource calendar columns using a complex filter (text, category) in real time.

javascript resource calendar column filtering
July 6, 2018

PHP Shift Planning System (JavaScript/HTML5 Frontend, MySQL Database) tutorial was released:

A tutorial that shows how to create a PHP shift planning system that lets you manage shifts for multiple locations using a visual scheduler component.

php shift planning tutorial javascript html5 mysql
July 4, 2018

Angular Calendar: Full Screen Layout tutorial was released:

How to configure the calendar to display in full screen mode and use 100% of the browser height.

angular calendar full screen layout
July 1, 2018

HTML5 Scheduler: Splitting an Event tutorial was released:

The tutorial shows how to split an event at a specified location using a context menu.

html5 scheduler event splitting tutorial