DayPilot News (August 2015)

Monthly summary of new releases and articles - August 2015.
Aug 31, 2015


DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 8.1 SP1 Jul 3, 2015


  • args.cell.html value of 0 (number) gets printed (Scheduler).
  • .autoRefreshPause() and .autoRefreshStart() methods added (Scheduler).
  • DayPilot.Row.parent() method added (Scheduler).
  • DayPilot.Row.children() method added (Scheduler).
  • Active area click made transparent for unspecified area.action.
  • Initial row selecting using .selectedRows property dp.selectedRows = ["A", "B"]; (Scheduler)
  • Initial row selecting using .selectedRows property dp.selectedRows = ["A", "B"]; (Gantt)
  • DayPilot.Scheduler.message(html, options) - options parameter added, supports "delay" in ms and "cssClass".
  • DayPilot.Scheduler.onEventResize supports asynchronous processing (args.async, args.loaded()).
  • SyncTasks includes task versions (Gantt).
  • Calling .update() after .dispose() throws an exception with detailed description (Scheduler).
  • Scheduler/Gantt: linkPointSize property.

DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET WebForms 8.1 Jul 13, 2015

  • Task Versions (Gantt Chart)
  • Active Areas for Time Headers (Scheduler)
  • Active Areas for Grid Cells (Scheduler)
  • Time-Positioned Active Areas (Scheduler)
  • Minimal Cell Width in Auto Cell Width Mode (Scheduler)
  • Active Areas for Touch Devices (Scheduler)