Tutorial: Machine/Production Job Scheduling Web Application (Spring Boot)

This tutorial describes a web application for scheduling production jobs over a set of machines. Created using Spring Boot and JavaScript scheduler component.
Sep 25, 2017
machine production job scheduling spring


  • Timeline with business hours only (nights and weekends are hidden)
  • Subsequent job phases linked visually
  • Spring Boot web application
  • Built using JavaScript Scheduler UI component from DayPilot Pro for JavaScript

Source code of the tutorial is available for download.

Example: Creating a Follow-Up Job using Drag and Drop


DayPilot Scheduler onEventMoving event handler that customizes drag and drop behavior.

dp.onEventMoving = function(args) {
  if (args.areaData && args.areaData === "event-copy") {
      args.link = {
          from: args.e,
          color: "#666"
      args.start = args.end.addHours(-1);
      if (args.e.end() > args.start) {
          args.allowed = false;
          args.link.color = "red";