DayPilot News (October 2014)

Monthly summary of new releases and articles - October 2014.
Oct 1, 2014


DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 7.9 Sep 30, 2014



  • New Gantt Chart component
  • Event Overlap Prevention (Scheduler)
  • Progressive Row Rendering (Scheduler)
  • Drag and Drop Row Moving (Scheduler)
  • Concurrent Event Grouping (Scheduler)
  • jQuery Plugin Options (Scheduler)
  • Cell Sweeping Customization (Scheduler)
  • Row Header Scrolling (Scheduler)
  • Date-Only Event End Support (Scheduler)
  • AngularJS Plugin (Scheduler)
  • AngularJS Plugin (Calendar)
  • AngularJS Plugin (Month)


HTML5 Hotel Room Booking (JavaScript/PHP) Sep 30, 2014


This tutorial shows how to create a room booking application using the JavaScript Scheduler control.

  • Drag and drop reservation creating, moving and resizing
  • Reservation deleting
  • Reservation editing using a modal dialog
  • Preventing reservations overlaps
  • Room status (Ready, Cleanup, Dirty) 
  • Room filtering by capacity
  • Reservation status (New, Confirmed, Arrived, CheckedOut, Expired), highlighted using duration bar color
  • MySQL and SQLite databases supported
  • Uses HTML5 scheduler UI control
  • PHP source code