DayPilot News (November 2015)

Monthly summary of new releases and articles - November 2015.
Nov 9, 2015


DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 8.1 SP5 Oct 6, 2015


  • Event versions demo added (Scheduler).
  • onBeforeCellRender implemented (Navigator).
  • fontColor property applied to the floating event div (Scheduler).
  • Active areas supported in floating event divs (Scheduler).
  • Original event active areas hidden when floating event div is active (Scheduler).
  • Scheduler AngularJS plugin uses preInit/postInit - allows specifying .scrollTo and .events properties in config.
  • .scrollToPosition, .scrollToAnimated properties supported in options - init(), jQuery, AngularJS (Scheduler)
  • "daypilot-events" attribute supported in <daypilot-navigator> element in AngularJS plugin.
  • Async validation implemented for onEventMove - args.async, args.loaded() (Scheduler).
  • More efficient free/busy update in AngularJS (Navigator).

DayPilot Pro for JavaScript 8.1 SP6 Oct 18, 2015


Scrollbar reset fixed (Calendar).

DayPilot Pro for ASP.NET MVC 8.1 Oct 19, 2015

  • Task versions (Gantt chart)
  • Active areas for grid cells - OnBeforeCellRender (Scheduler)
  • Active areas for time headers - OnBeforeTimeHeaderRender (Scheduler)
  • Active areas position set using Start() and End()


AngularJS Doctor Appointment Scheduling (PHP) Oct 19, 2015


  • Appointment reservation for multiple doctors
  • Management overview of all doctors, shifts and appointment slots
  • Defining appointment slots using drag and drop
  • Public interface with an option to request an appointment in one of the available slots
  • Uses DayPilot AngularJS Scheduler and Event Calendar controls
  • Sample project with PHP backend, storing data in a SQLite database

AngularJS Hotel Room Booking Tutorial (PHP) Oct 25, 2015


  • AngularJS Scheduler
  • Displaying one month
  • Switching the month using date navigator control
  • Support for check-in and check-out times (displays overnight hotel reservations)
  • Creating new reservations using drag and drop
  • Status of the reservation is marked using a custom color
  • Status of the room is marked using a custom color ("free", "cleanup", "dirty")
  • PHP backend (based on simple JSON endpoints)