Gantt Chart for ASP.NET Tutorial (C#, VB.NET, SQL Server)

A new tutorial shows how to create a Gantt chart in ASP.NET.
Oct 16, 2012


Gantt Chart Tutorial [online demo]

This new tutorial shows how to create a Gantt Chart ASP.NET application using DayPilot Scheduler control.

  • Displays one task per row
  • Drag&drop task creating using a special row (New Task)
  • Drag&drop task moving (restricted to its own row)
  • Drag&drop task resizing
  • Context menu
  • Fast callout with task details (bubble)
  • Task detail editing using a modal popup
  • Automatic row header width adjustment

DayPilot 7.0 supports a special Gantt mode (ViewType="Gantt"). This mode creates one row for each task (event) automatically.

The Gantt mode is also supported in the MVC and Java versions.