DayPilot Lite for ASP.NET WebForms 3.2 (Open-Source)

A new release of open-source calendar/scheduling controls for ASP.NET introduces Gantt view.
Feb 3, 2013


DayPilot Lite for ASP.NET WebForms 3.2 (open-source) introduces Gantt chart and header columns with support for drag&drop resizing.


Row Header Columns


Additional header columns can be defined using HeaderColumns property. You can define the default columns titles and widths. Columns sizes can be changed by dragging the separator.



Switch to the Gantt mode using ViewType="Gantt". This mode will display each event on a separate row. The rows will be generated automatically from the event set. The order of events in Gantt mode is not changed - it will keep the order supplied in DataSource.

Gantt with Columns


The Gantt mode supports multiple columns for displaying additional data, like task start, task end, task duration and assigned resource. The column HTML is fully customizable using BeforeResHeaderRender event.


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